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By breaking down what you need to do into small steps, you can turn a long list of tasks into a series of ticks. This gives you a feeling of taking control over your fate and also making you feel more positive about your future prospects.

Here’s a basic checklist of the things you can do:

get your finances in shape

  • Do I know how to make the most of my final payout?
  • Do I know how to estimate my expenses and budget during transition? 
    Try our smartmoney guide.
  • Have I checked my Centrelink entitlements?
  • Do I know how to create and manage a Temporary Pay Office?
  • Am I clear about what to do with my superannuation and the time limits that apply?
  • Am I aware of the insurance benefits available to me?
  • Do I know what to do with my motor vehicle lease agreement?
  • Am I clear about what to do with my share plan and any other company benefits?
  • Do I know how to maximise the value of my next job offer?
  • Am I clear about my future goals and aspirations? Do I have a plan?
  • Meet with a qualified financial advisor to discuss your options.

get your resume in shape

  • Refresh your resume – take a look on the internet for templates and update it.
  • Look into any outplacement programs you may have been offered.
  • Join LinkedIn and look up old work colleagues. Ask them to join your network.
  • Join job seeking sites like mycareer.com.au and seek.com.au and establish daily email updates.
  • Call up old work colleagues and organise meetings. Let them know you’re out there and looking for a fresh challenge.

get your health in shape

  • Set yourself a regular exercise regime: join a gym, start swimming, walking – whatever type of exercise you enjoy.
  • Catch up with all those family and friends you lost touch with.
  • Treat yourself to small rewards when you achieve these goals – see a movie, buy a book or treat yourself to a meal. You deserve it.

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Most importantly, try and stay positive. Redundancy is more common these days and it’s not the end of your working life. It’s just of the next chapter. Negativity comes out in your posture, your tone and will affect your motivation. Prospective employers will pick it up. And there’s nothing more important than your health.

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