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while your compensation claim is being settled

While you’re negotiating your compensation claim, you will need to know how to manage financially. Your personal injury or disability claim will usually involve:

  • expenses – current and future
  • pain and suffering
  • income lost because of the injury, and
  • future income lost.

As you can see, a legal settlement involves many financial issues.

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how to manage now

One of the first financial impacts may be the loss of income. Budgeting to live with less money, and possibly higher expenses, takes some adjusting. It needs you to have a clear understanding of the costs you face, your entitlements and the time lags you may face while you wait for your claim to be settled.

Funds Management Report

The fees charged for managing funds for those without capacity can be included in damages claims. We can provide a funds management report which outlines the costs involved in managing your settlement, now and in the future.

ipac can help by…

  • providing advice on how to manage your money while waiting for settlement
  • estimating your expenses in the short run, and over the long-term
  • calculating costs such as rehabilitation, ongoing care and day-to-day living expenses, and
  • answering all your questions about how to manage your money once your claim is settled.

Building a clear picture of your financial position will help you frame your legal strategy and have you thinking about how to structure your claim and financial plan.

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Australian Federation Of Disability Organisations (AFDO)

Established in 2004, AFDO is a cross disability human rights organisation. Its membership consists of a number of national and state Disabled People’s Organisations.


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