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managing your settlement

We will help you rebuild after an injury or disability.

Your compensation payment is designed to help you create a new life, so it needs to be financially managed in the right way to make sure it lasts as long as you. Your health, safety and security are your priority.

It is at this stage you will need some financial advice about how to spend your legal settlement prudently on the elements you need to build an environment of ongoing care.

The issues you will need to consider are:

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how much should I spend and on what?

You may need to consider some major expenditure such as equipment, alterations to your home and/or car.

how should I invest my money? 

When investing for the long term, you need to consider the security of your money and the potential for capital growth as well as the need to draw on it.A smart financial plan can balance your need to withdraw money against your short-term and long-term needs and help you invest your settlement in the most productive way possible.

how should I structure my settlement?

You need to find the best tax structure for your lump sum. Superannuation may provide a low or tax free environment with full access to your money.

what about Centrelink benefits?

Your lump sum payment is likely to have an impact on your Centrelink entitlements. You need to understand what this means for you.

ipac can help by…

  • developing a financial plan which works for you
    Your financial strategy should cater for your immediate needs, long-term plans, maximise your Centrelink entitlements and minimises your taxation. And lasts throughout your lifetime.
  • doing the administration and paperwork
    Administering your settlement can involve producing annual reports for government bodies. We can help by setting up your investments, looking after your income payments and paying your bills. 
  • providing you all the support and care you need  
    We have a network of service providers such as case managers, occupational therapists, carers, equipment providers, architects, etc who can help you rebuild your life.

You will have a support team dedicated to helping you build the best possible future for you.

Building a clear picture of your financial position will help you frame your legal strategy and have you thinking about how to structure your claim and financial plan.

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